Marche Jeans is a portal dedicated to those who love Jeans, created and managed by those who have been working in the jeans industry for more than thirty years.
The portal Marche Jeans is owned by Confezioni Elegant srl, a family business located in the heart of central Italy and active in the production of Jeans & Casual since 1978; it offers emerging made in Italy brands, and gives you the unique opportunity to buy the Jeans directly from those who produce it.
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Marche Jeans also offers to its visitors an innovative selection of size based on measurements of your own body. “Fit My Size” is the service that makes this possible.
Marche Jeans with the quality and craftsmanship will be one step away from you.

Poetica stems from the desire to ensure originality and beauty, selecting domestic raw materials processed by expert hands.

The fusion between innovation and tradition in fashion denim are the main elements of the soul of “Poetica”.

A product attentive to the latest trends, packaged to perfection by Italian craftsmen, with fabrics made in Italy quality.

MAI GYNS     MaiGyns

We once asked an elderly lady from the Italian countryside to write on a sheet the English words “my jeans”; of course, as she didn’t know the English spelling, she wrote it in her way. What we got was “Mai Gyns”.

So “Mai Gyns”, with this name, wants to emphasize that it is a pant designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with Italian fabrics, by the expert hands of people who have been doing this work for years.

The comfort fit, combined with a classic style, makes “Mai Gyns” a product suitable for those who are looking for a pair of jeans that you can wear every day, comfortable, with an excellent quality / price ratio.