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  • Premise

    Elegant Confezioni Srl manages and owns website and the brand “Elegant Confezioni Srl brand”, used to organise product sales. Elegant Confezioni Srl is registered in the Ancona name Business Registry Ancona with tax code and VAT number 00431150424, with headquarters in Via Moscatelli 41, 60011, Arcevia (An) Italia. This document includes the General site use conditions for the site corresponding to domain name whose owner is Elegant Confezioni Srl (hereinafter the “Conditions” and “Site” respectively) that must be observed by all individuals who intend to browse its web pages. Site access and any action that includes the navigation of its web pages constitute acceptance of the conditions and, in order to make site users aware, a link to this document appears when the homepage is opened. Should the user not intend to accept the conditions, simply abstain from navigating site pages. The General Sales Conditions do not regulate services or product sales by entities other than Elegant Confezioni Srl found on the site (for example, via links, banners, etc.). Elegant Confezioni Srl is thus not liable for other third party services or e-commerce sales between Elegant Confezioni Srl customers and third parties. In addition to the above, whoever accesses the site implicitly states to be an adult and to not use the site and its material for illicit purposes or, in any case, in infringement of current laws. The conditions can be modified by Elegant Confezioni Srl at any time, without prior notice, it being understood that users must periodically review them before accessing site content. Should goods and services or content subject to specific terms and conditions be offered in website pages, these will prevail over these conditions. The official contract language with Elegant Confezioni Srl is Italian: text in other languages are of sole accessory nature compared to the Italian.

    Site content

    Elegant Confezioni Srl intends to offer, though site pages, information of general nature regarding its business and, despite the latter being constantly verified and updated by qualified and specifically selected personnel, it is understood that their content, with reference to the material discussed, cannot be considered either thorough or complete or, in any case, correct. Therefore, the user who intends to rely on the information indicated in the site should independently check their correctness. On this topic, Elegant Confezioni Srl would like to inform you that the material contained in the site is to be considered “on as is basis”, meaning it may not be appropriate and/or suited to the specific purposes and interests pursued by the page reader or may include elements which, if reused, could violate third party intellectual property rights. Links to third party sites may be included on the site. In this case, links have the sole purpose of facilitating user navigation without any relationship between site content and the opened third party site content, which remains extraneous to Elegant Confezioni Srl’s sphere of interest. Clicking these links does not include any Elegant Confezioni Srl recommendation or signal for the access and the navigation of these websites, nor any guarantee on their content, services or goods provided and sold to internet users. In fact, Elegant Confezioni Srl states that it cannot influence the structure of third party sites linked to its own in any way nor have knowledge of the truthfulness, correctness and adequacy of the materials and/or information contained thereto, and this even in the hypothesis in which there are trade relations between Elegant Confezioni Srl and the third party owner of the linked destination site. Elegant Confezioni Srl does not control nor monitor these website and their content and cannot be held liable for the content of these sites and the rules, by these, adopted even concerning your privacy and personal user data processing when browsing. Thus the user is requested to pay the utmost caution when opening these websites via links and to carefully read their conditions of use and privacy rules. As indicated above, Elegant Confezioni Srl’s General Use Conditions and Privacy Policy do not apply to the websites managed by other third parties.

    Intellectual and industrial property rights

    All site content is protected by current copyright and industrial and/or intellectual property right laws. For example, but not limited to, site content must be considered as:

    • text;
    • photographs;
    • videos;
    • databases;
    • graphs and tables;
    • slogans;
    • audio;
    • illustrations, whether or not animated;
    • any graphic representation and/or text in general

    in any published format, including menus. Thus the full or partial copy and/or reproduction of site content without the express written authorisation of Elegant Confezioni Srl is prohibited. Elegant Confezioni Srl has the exclusive right to authorise or ban the direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, full or partial reproduction in any way or form of its site and its content. At the same time, please not that all brands, domain names, corporate names, companies and logos found on the site are the property of third party companies or Elegant Confezioni Srl and are thus protected by current industrial property laws. The reproduction in any way or form is thus prohibited with the express written authorisation of Elegant Confezioni Srl or, where otherwise, the relevant right holder. The registration of the name “Elegant Confezioni Srl” and ” Elegant Confezioni Srl brand ” under any top level domain is likewise prohibited. Additionally, we would like to inform you that site pages may include brands, domain names, corporate names, companies and logos owned by third parties with whom Elegant Confezioni Srl has association of various nature, who enjoy the same protection granted Elegant Confezioni Srl distinctive logos by current laws. All other distinctive logos that distinguish products sold by Elegant Confezioni Srl and found on the website are famous brands known to the general public and registered by their respective owners. They are only used in the site to distinguish, describe and advertise products on sale on the site. The use of these brands, to distinguish products or services even not similar to Elegant Confezioni Srl or other brand owner ones, is prohibited unless by written consent by Elegant Confezioni Srl and every other registered brand owner, published on the site. Lastly, Elegant Confezioni Srl is the exclusive owner of the ” Elegant Confezioni Srl brand ” registered trademark and logos and the ” ” domain and any other distinctive logo that includes the word ” ” including the domain name ” “. Elegant Confezioni Srl states that the use of all distinctive logos owned by Elegant Confezioni Srl brand such as metatags, meaning html language commands which, although not implying the display or formatting of a certain command, provide instructions to electronic agents or search engines to increase the visibility of a site other than those traceable to Elegant Confezioni Srl, is prohibited.

    Service features – Limited liability and disclaimer of warranties

    Elegant Confezioni Srl, while adopting all the solutions from the most innovative and advanced technological standpoint to ensure that the site is constantly accessible and free of faults of any kind, states that it may not be accessible and/or compatible with the computer systems used to access it, nor is it free of errors, viruses and/or other computer type malfunctions. Consequently, whoever accesses the site is aware and expressly accepts that its use is thus to be considered “on as available basis”. Elegant Confezioni Srl is not liable for any problems, damages or risks the user may encounter during site use. Elegant Confezioni Srl, while meeting international internet standards, cannot guarantee the full protection of its site against viruses or any harmful elements. Elegant Confezioni Srl is not liable for any malfunctions tied to turning off cookies in the user’s browser. Elegant Confezioni Srl reserves the right to review, update and rectify the terms and conditions contained in these legal notes, whenever deemed appropriate, without prior notice. The user is requested to observe the terms contained in these legal notes and to periodically access this section to check for any updates, changes and corrections.

    Site use

    In addition to that stated in the previous paragraph, Elegant Confezioni Srl states that site content cannot be fully or partially copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed, in any way or form, without prior written authorisation of Elegant Confezioni Srl, excluding the print, download and display of site content for solely personal and non commercial use and provided that the material in question is not modified in any way and all the information concerning intellectual and/or industrial property rights enclosed thereto are maintained. Likewise, site content cannot be fully or partially disclosed through communication channels such as the internet, television and radio broadcasting systems or of any other nature without the prior written authorisation of Elegant Confezioni Srl Furthermore, the information and material contained in the site cannot be used for trade purposes to create databases of any type or nature, nor saved (fully or partially) in pre-existent databases, whether exclusively accessible by the developer or provided by third parties.

    Linking and Framing

    Elegant Confezioni Srl informs you that, in order to create links with its homepage currently accessible at the web address (the “Home Page”), a request must be sent via e-mail to info@marchejeans.comindicating: (a) the data concerning the person in charge of technical link management aspects (including the e-mail Address and phone number); (b) applicant Elegant Confezioni Srl data; (c) indication of the website Address where the link to the Home Page will be created; (d) the purposes for the creation of the link; (e) any other information deeded useful to receive authorisation from Elegant Confezioni Srl When authorised by Elegant Confezioni Srl, the creation of a link to the site attributes a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of the ” Elegant Confezioni Srl brand ” name and brand for the sole and exclusive purpose of creating a link from the site owned by third parties to, with the express exclusion of any other use. In any case, Elegant Confezioni Srl exclusively recognised the possibility of creating a link with its Home Page and not with internal site pages, maintaining the full and total ownership and availability of the ” Elegant Confezioni Srl brand ” brand and relevant homepage Without the prior written authorisation of Elegant Confezioni Srl, creating links to the site Home Page or internal and/or accessory site pages, thus creating a so-called “deep link” as well as hooking or presenting site content in another website, consequently implementing so-called “framing” is prohibited. Elegant Confezioni Srl hereto reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against any link to the homepage or internal/accessory site pages not previously authorised and/or any “framing” operation. On this topic, please note that the violation of that stated in the previous paragraph is considered punishable as unfair competition, regulated by current law.

    Material sent to Elegant Confezioni Srl Provided that foreseen in the following articles, sending any material to Elegant Confezioni Srl, via e-mail or the site, shall imply the express authorisation for its free reproduction, use, disclosure, display, transformation, copy and distribution to third parties without an restrictions or prior authorisation. Likewise, provided the observance of moral copyright, all text, ideas, concepts, know-how and/or technical know-how contained in the material in question may be freely used and economically exploited by Elegant Confezioni Srl for any purpose, including but not limited to, the development, production and commercialisation of products that use and are associated or connected with this material. By sending material to Elegant Confezioni Srl, the user states and guarantees his/her exclusive ownership, or to have obtained the right to freely use the same with the consequent full exclusion of the risk that its used could infringe any and all third party rights. Considering the “open” nature of the internet, Elegant Confezioni Srl expressly recommends the user does not send material via electronic communication channels deemed not freely usable by third parties.

    Warning on content

    Elegant Confezioni Srl provides information on the site to render services to its customers but is not liable for any technical or actual technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors which, if reported, shall be immediately corrected. Elegant Confezioni Srl reserves the right to make corrections, rectifications and changes to the site when deemed necessary and opportune without prior notice. Elegant Confezioni Srl agrees to avoid publishing content on the website that represent physically or psychologically violent scenes or situations or which could be deemed harmful to civil beliefs, human rights or human dignity, in all its forms and expressions. Elegant Confezioni Srl also strives to ensure its content contains correct and/or updated information, compared to the date of their publication in the website and, for as much as possible, subsequently. However, Elegant Confezioni Srl is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of published content, excluding its liability for malice and serious misconduct and provided that otherwise provided by law.

    Applicable law

    The conditions must be considered regulated by Italian Law and must consequently be interpreted applying this law. Accessing the site, users state to accept all the question tied to site use despite solely subject to the law in force in Italy. The General Sales Conditions regulate relations concerning product purchases through the site. For all that not expressly regulated in these General Sales Conditions, please refer to the provisions set forth by Italian law and specifically:

    • legislative decree nr. 114 dated March 31, 1998 on the trade sector reform
    • legislative decree nr. 185 dated May 22, 1999 on consumer protection concerning remote contracts
    • legislative decree nr. 24 dated February 2, 2002 on some sales aspects and consumer guarantees
    • legislative decree nr. 70 dated April 9, 2003 on some aspects concerning e-commerce.
    • legislative decree nr. 196 dated June 30, 2003 with the privacy code.

    Any disputes between Elegant Confezioni Srl and the end user shall be submitted to the court of Ancona.

    Site access from abroad

    Anyone who accesses the site from a country other than Italy must fully observe the conditions and laws in force in this country and expressly guarantees that the site and its material will not be used to infringe these laws. Elegant Confezioni Srl does not provide any guarantee that the information published on the site meet the laws foreseen by the jurisdiction of the user and/or customer’s country of residence: thus, accessing site content from countries in which the content and its use is illegal is strictly prohibited. Users who choose to access the site from these countries are aware of the legal consequences and risk they run and are solely liable for the violation of local law.

    Site modifications or supplements

    Elegant Confezioni Srl informs you that it may autonomously replace, add, modify and/or supplement the site and/or its material and technology used at any time at its discretion. On this topic, Elegant Confezioni Srl expressly states that this may temporarily or permanently impede access to the site and/or its content. Elegant Confezioni Srl shall attempt to ensure continuous access to its website, but the dynamic nature of internet and its content could cause suspensions, interruptions or discontinuities also due to the need to update the website. Please contact use via e-mail at for any problem found when using our website. Likewise, we recommend you contact your internet service provider or make sure that any internet device and web content access is correctly activated, including your internet browser. Elegant Confezioni Srl has adopted technical and organisational measures suited to protect the security of its services and the integrity of the data concerning traffic and electronic communications against unpermitted use. These same precautions were adopted to avoid the risk of disclosure, destruction and loss of confidential and non data and information, concerning its users, or unauthorised or illegal access to the same data and information.


    Pursuant to article 13, Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the privacy code, Elegant Confezioni Srl, as data “controller”, informs the user that the personal data provided and simultaneously acquired (i) upon registration in the reserved site area, (ii) at the closure of a purchase contract for any product with Elegant Confezioni Srl, (iii) to the request for information regarding products and services offered by this Elegant Confezioni Srl, whether written or oral using any communications means, (iv) when navigating on the site through so-called system “logs”, will be processed for the following purposes:

    • Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s performance of the activities necessary to close, manage and execute product purchase contracts via its owned site;
    • for purposes strictly associated and/or necessary to meet the requests formulated by the user through its site or via e-mail or other communication tool accordingly;
    • for purposes associated with obligations required by laws, rules and community regulations as well as the provisions imparted by the authorities strictly legitimated for such purposes by law or supervision and control boards;
    • delivery of the newsletter and promotional material on the services and products offered by Elegant Confezioni Srl whether or not published on the site.

    Regarding the previously indicated purposes, personal data is processed using manual, computer and electronic tools with logics strictly associated with the purposes in question and, in any case, to guarantee data security and privacy. Furthermore, should this be necessary to satisfy and meet user requests, the user’s data may be communicated to companies other than Elegant Confezioni Srl without any prior authorisation issued by the user. Data will be kept within the EU, on servers specifically dedicated to this service by Elegant Confezioni Srl With reference to the purposes indicated above, Elegant Confezioni Srl would like to inform you that providing data is mandatory for the purposes stated in sub 1), 2) and 3), with the consequence that, in these assumptions, any refusal to provide data result in the impossibility for Elegant Confezioni Srl to meet user requests. In consideration of the above, with reference to the processing stated in previous number 4), Elegant Confezioni Srl informs you that with (i) site registration, (ii) placing orders on-line and consequent purchase contract closure, (iii) the request for information on products and services offered by Elegant Confezioni Srl, whatever form or vehicle used by the user to send this request to the Elegant Confezioni Srl, (iv) site navigation via so-called system “logs” , the customer expressly consents and states to accept the simultaneous registration for the newsletter to receive promotional material on the products and services offered by Elegant Confezioni Srl, without requiring the latter to request the user’s consent for this type of process case by case. Due to the previous paragraph, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall be implicitly authorised by the user to send the newsletter and promotional material on the services and products offered by Elegant Confezioni Srl, without the need of any additional and prior request for the user’s authorisation, when the latter (i) registers on the site, (ii) closes a purchase contract with Elegant Confezioni Srl, (iii) requests information on products and services offered by Elegant Confezioni Srl, both in written and oral form using any communication means, (iv) navigates on the site using so-called system “logs”. Lastly, Elegant Confezioni Srl informs you that article 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003 grants users who provide their personal data specific rights. Specifically, the user can obtain from the data controller or any processor the confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you exist, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form The data subject can also ask to be informed on the source of the personal data as well as the logic and purposes on which processing is based; obtain the cancellation, anonymisation or blockage of data processed in infringement of the law as well as the update, rectification or, when in his/her interest, the integration of data; object, for legitimate reasons, to their processing The user can exercise the rights granted in article 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003 by sending a communication via e-mail to the following Address: In order to learn of variations or changes to policies followed by Elegant Confezioni Srl concerning personal data privacy, due, mainly, to regulatory changes, it is best the user constantly consults this document.

  • This document provides the general sales and on-line payment conditions via the website corresponding to the domain name (“Site”) owned and managed by Elegant Confezioni Srl, with headquarters in Via Moscatelli 41, 60011, Arcevia (An) Italia, VAT and tax code 00431150424.

    These general conditions (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions“), unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, regulate the relations between Elegant Confezioni Srl (hereinafter referred to as “Elegant Confezioni Srl ”) and the customer, consumer or professional (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”).

    The following necessary conditions must be met to make purchases on our site:

    • You must be over 18 years of age
    • You must possess a personal and valid e-mail
    • You must meet the requirements to legally access and stipulate binding contracts
    • You must possess a credit card for certification and payment: American Express, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, or a Current Account to send Wire Transfers.
    • The Site is exclusively intended for users who are “end consumers” meaning any natural person who navigates the Site for reasons not referable to their any potential sales, business or professional activities.

    Closing a Contract

    To complete the purchase of one or more products on the Site, you can

    • register as a user, consequently accepting all sales clauses
    • complete the purchase without registering.

    In order to complete the purchase, the user who decides to register an account (option a) must follow the standard procedure

    With a personal account the user can:

    • Manage personal account information
    • Make purchases
    • Save an Address to speed up purchases

    If the user does not wish to register on the site (option b), s/he can still make purchases: in this case, only the data required to complete the order are necessary and the e-mail address will be automatically registered to receive our newsletter

    Next, the order form must be filled out on the Site, following the on screen instructions that will be automatically sent to Customer Care. This form contains a summary of the information on the essential features of each ordered product, price, taxes and duties, payment, shipping methods and costs, conditions for cancellation rights and purchased product return procedures/timeframes. Before final product purchase, the user is required to accept these General Sales and site use conditions and to check entered data, correctly them when necessary. The user who does not agree to any article in the General Use Conditions and General Sales Conditions should not complete the order form to purchase products on the Site. By filling out the order on-line, the customer states to have read all instructions provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the following General Conditions.

    After verifying successful payment, valid personal data and shipping as well as ordered product availability, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall consider the order accepted and will send order confirmation with all the relevant information via e-mail. Contracts stipulated between Elegant Confezioni Srl and the customer must be considered closed with order acceptance by Elegant Confezioni Srl  and, in any case, subject to relevant payment collection. After completing the on-line purchase procedure, the customer shall print or save an electronic copy and keep these General Conditions and, if the customer is a consumer, also according to that foreseen in articles 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree nr. 206 dated September 6, 2005 (“Lgs. D. nr. 206/2005”).

    Purchase method

    • The customer can only make on-line purchases for the products found in the electronic catalogue published on the site (“Products”) and indicated as available when the order is placed, as described in the relevant information sheets viewable therein, or for items where backordes is available . It is understood that the sizes, weights, dimensions and performances indicated in the information sheet are approximate values and that the image acElegant Confezioni Srling the production description sheet cannot be identically representative of its real features due to the Internet browser, monitor used or other reasons not attributable to Elegant Confezioni Srl but may differ in colour, size, components and/or accessories displayed in the illustration.
    • The receipt and acceptance of the order is confirmed by Elegant Confezioni Srl via e-mail, sent to the e-mail address communicated by the customer upon site registration or when filling out the electronic order form. This confirmation message will indicate the date and time the order was received and a “Customer Order Number” to be used for any further communications with Elegant Confezioni Srl. Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s message will contain a summary of the order placed, all the data entered by the customer and the General Conditions. The customer agrees to check the correctness and promptly communicate any corrections following the procedures described in the message. Confirmed and/or filled orders cannot be changed in any way. Additional orders placed shall be processed and shipped separately.
    • The assortment published on the site reflects the exact real availability of each item, by size and colour, since the website is linked to all the warehouses where the displayed items are stocked and all availability data is updated in real-time. Elegant Confezioni Srl, after receiving the customer order request, reserves the right to confirm purchased item availability as check the transaction validity via credit card and the details of previous transactions made by the customer on the site. Should ordered items not be available or Elegant Confezioni Srl not able to fill the customer order for any reason, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall immediately inform the customer via e-mail. Specifically, in the event products are no longer available, or on sale at last site login (or when the order form is sent) but no longer available, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall promptly or, in any case, within thirty (30) days from the day after the order was sent, communicate the unavailability of ordered products.

    Should the contract that has already generated a payment by the customer not be closed for any reason, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall immediately reimburse amounts paid by the customer.

    Amount due and Currency

    The amount due for the purchase of the products is the one displayed to the customer directly by Elegant Confezioni Srl via the site whose total amount is summarised in the cart, including VAT

    The customer shall pay for the products purchased on-line using one of the methods chosen when placing the order. No amounts other than the order total indicated at the end of the purchase procedure shall be due from the customer. Should the order be accepted for products to be shipped outside Italy, the cost of the ordered products will be increased – in addition to shipping costs – by taxes, if required by the laws in force in the country of destination of the purchased products.

    The official site currency is Euro. For countries not in the Euro zone, the exchange rate depends on the daily rates applied by the credit card issuer or payment form used (i.e.: PayPal). Payments and all cash transactions are in Euro. Prices and exchange rates with other currencies other than Euro are only approximate to help the user to have a greater perception of values: product prices thus may be subject to updates and are subject to taxes in force in any case. The amount to be charged to the customer’s credit card or PayPal account may vary from the one indicated in the order since based on exchange rates subject to daily fluctuations and bank commissions. Elegant Confezioni Srl recommends customers contact their banks to request further information on exchange rates and bank commissions concerning their transactions. The user must always check the accuracy of the final sales price before sending the relevant order form.

    Payment methods

    Product purchased according to these general conditions can only be paid using one of the following methods: credit card, wire transfer, PayPal (


    For product purchases paid with credit card, the reference bank shall only authorise the coverage of the amount concerning the purchase at the end of the on-line purchase process. The amount concerning the filled order, even partial, will be only be charged to the customer’s credit card upon communication, by the carrier employed by Elegant Confezioni Srl, of successful delivery of the ordered product.

    • Lack of carrier communication or should communication not be required for certain shipping methods, Elegant Confezioni Srl – not able to verify the exact ordered product delivery date with certainty – reserves the right to charge the amount to the customer’s credit card on the day the ordered product(s) are shipped.
    • In the event of customer cancellation, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, or Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s failure to accept the order, Elegant Confezioni Srl  shall immediately request the cancellation of the transaction and release of any guaranteed amounts. Clearance time, for some types of cards, exclusively depend on the banking system and may even reach their natural expiration (currently the 24th day from authorisation date).
    • Elegant Confezioni Srl reserves the right to charge the amount of the order placed by the customer on the latter’s credit card to avoid the expiration of the transaction authorisation as foreseen in previous paragraph.
    • Elegant Confezioni Srl reserves the right to request additional information of the customer (i.e.: telephone number or identification data) or a copy of documents proving ownership of the credit card used. The customer is aware that – in the event the requested documentation is not sent – the order may not be accepted.
    • At no point in the purchase procedure is Elegant Confezioni Srl able to know and record information concerning the customer’s credit card, transmitted via protected connection (encrypted protocol) directly to the bank institution that manages the transactions without any passage through servers and databases owned by Elegant Confezioni Srl or other third parties other than the bank. The electronic payment transaction is completed by re-routing the customer to a page off the Elegant Confezioni Srl site, directly managed by the bank institution chosen to manage on-line payment services. At the end of the electronic payment transaction the customer will be automatically taken back to the Elegant Confezioni Srl site where view the successful transaction results or in external page where transaction can be completed.
    • Due to that stated in the previous chapter, no Elegant Confezioni Srl  computer archive will save this data, neither upon transaction nor later. In no case may Elegant Confezioni Srl  be held liable for any fraudulent or undue credit card use by third parties upon payment for products purchased on the site.
    • In order to guarantee greater protection for purchases made online, Elegant Confezioni Srl recommends customers use Verified By Visa or Mastercard Securecode services, requesting a PIN security code to made purchases in total security. For further information, please visit:
    • For customer payments via credit card, Elegant Confezioni Srl cannot be held liable for transaction results, which exclusively depend on the third party on-line payment service provider and who, in any case, is selected from the leading sector providers on the national level.
    • The customer is aware that the purchase order and payment are sent via electronic networks and communication services whose correct operations are not under Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s control and for which Elegant Confezioni Srl  cannot be held liable in any way.


    • For products paid via wire transfer, the customer order confirmation – sent via email by Elegant Confezioni Srl according to the indications in previous article 4 – indicates the bank details to be used for payment. In this case, products ordered by the customer shall be reserved awaiting the credit of the corresponding amounts on Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s current account.
    • The customer must send Elegant Confezioni Srl – within 24 hours of order confirmation receipt via email to a copy of the wire transfer order in favour of the latter inclusive of cro number. In lack of receipt of the wire transfer order copy within the mentioned 24 hours, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall no longer be bound to guarantee ordered product availability and order shipment will depend on actual availability upon receipt of the credited amount.
    • The customer order will be shipped once Elegant Confezioni Srl receives credit of the corresponding order total on its current account.


    • For payments via PayPal, the customer may directly pay for the order using a verified PayPal account. Elegant Confezioni Srl would like to inform you that only payments made and from verified accounts will be accepted and reserves the right to ship products ordered by the customer to the addres indicated in the PayPal verified account.
    • Product order payments from unverified PayPal accounts shall be cancelled and, consequently, not filled by Elegant Confezioni Srl.

    Shipping methods and fees – Billing

    Ordered products will be shipped to the address indicated by the customer upon site registration or – if different – to the Address indicated in the relevant order, preferably in Italy. The customer is aware that the request to deliver products outside Italy may force Elegant Confezioni Srl to not accept the order.

    Order delivery status will be viewable to the customer via site login and consultation of the reserved area in the specific section containing the customer’s purchase history on Elegant Confezioni Srl.

    For each order placed on the site, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall issue an invoice for the shipped products, sending it to the order holder via e-mail, as per art. 14 Presidential Decree 445/2000, and in the package containing the products, in number of copier under the law. The information provided by the customer in the order form and upon site registration will be used for invoice issue and preparation purposes. No changes may be made to data once the invoice is issued.

    Delivery fees, as indicated on the site and in the order text, are at the customer’s expense. Please see the “Shipping information” sector for further details

    Orders will be shipped from Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday or any other holiday or pre-holiday shall be processed by Elegant Confezioni Srl starting from the first business day following the date the order was placed

    Ordered products will be delivered to the customer in custom “Elegant Confezioni Srl” packages to product the packaging originally included by the manufacturer and entrusted to a specifically assigned carrier. The customer will be communicated the name of the carrier as foreseen on the site. Elegant Confezioni Srl cannot be held liable for any delivery delays.

    If the customer send request Elegant Confezioni Srl will send to him track number to trace shipment any time.

    Elegant Confezioni Srl ‘s contract obligations with the customer are considered met when and where the products purchased by the latter are delivered by Elegant Confezioni Srl to the carrier selected for shipment.

    The delivery of the ordered product by the carrier is considered to the customer’s street level unless otherwise communicated by Customer service.

    Upon delivery of the purchased product by the carrier, the customer should check:

    that the number of packages delivered matches the number indicating in the shipping document sent via e-mail

    that the packaging is integral, not damaged, nor wet or otherwise altered, including sealing materials (adhesive tape or metallic staples).

    Any damages to the packaging and/or product or discrepancies between the number of packages or indications must be immediately reported by the customer, indicating WITH WRITTEN CONTROL RESERVES (SPECIFYING THE REASON FOR THE RESERVES, i.e.: “torn packaging”, “crushed packaging”, etc.) on the carrier’s shipping bill. Once the courier’s document is signed without any reserves specified on the shipping bill, the customer can no longer make claims on the exterior features of that delivered.

    In the event the product held in deposit at the carrier’s warehouse, due to the reiterated impossibility to deliver the package at the address indicated by the customer in the order, is not picked up within 5 business days, the ordered product will be returned to the Elegant Confezioni Srl warehouse.

    Customer’s right of rescission

    Pursuant to art. 64 of Legislative Decree nr. 206/2005, the customer who is qualified as a consumer has the right to rescind from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, within the terms and according to the procedures described in the following articles. See more on Returns Section,

    Should the provided terms and methods not be followed when exercising the right of rescission, as specified in this paragraph and following articles, the customer forfeits the right to reimbursement of amounts paid to Elegant Confezioni Srl; the customer may, in any case, re-obtain the products in the conditions in which they were returned to Elegant Confezioni Srl  at his/her expense. Otherwise, Elegant Confezioni Srl may keep the products in addition to the amounts paid for their purchase. 3 months from the date in which the products were made available to the customer for pick up, products will be destroyed or, in any case, sent to disposal without any further communication or consent request with the customer.

    The returned product must be sens by Elegant Confezioni Srl within 14 days from the date the customer receives the RMA authorisation communication sent by Elegant Confezioni Srl . For this reason, the post mark or carrier’s stamp will apply.

    The purchased product must be returned integral, not used, nor washed or otherwise altered, complete with all its parts, accompanied by its eventual associated control label or any disposable seals and in the original packaging (including original packaging and boxes, and any accessory materials such as, for example, dust bags, hangers and garment covers) as originally sealed by the manufacturer. To limit damages to the original product packaging, please insert it in the box in which the goods were initially shipped, affixing the label provided by Elegant Confezioni Srl indicating the RMA number (return merchandise authorisation code); affixing labels or adhesive tape directly on the original product packaging should be peremptorily avoided in all cases.

    Product return shipping fees are at the customer’s expense; delivery fees to the customer and any accessory fees and/or taxes and/or customs duties indicated upon order shall not be reimbursed to the customer.

    The customer is solely and fully liable for shipping until confirmed receipt at the Elegant Confezioni Srl  warehouse.

    The right of rescission is exclusively applied to the product purchased in its entirety; thus, the right of rescission cannot be exercised for only one or more parts of the purchased product. For orders including several products, the right of rescission can be exercised for one or more products in the order, specifying the description of the products to be returned in the rescission communication, as per previous article 20. For rescission for an order with more than one product, returns must be sent to Elegant Confezioni Srl in a single shipment. In fact, Elegant Confezioni Srl reserves the right to not accept items from the same order, returned and shipped at different times.

    In the event of products damaged during transport, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall inform the customer of the event (within 3 business days of product receipt at their warehouse), to allow the customer to file claims with the carrier or shipping agent and obtain reimbursement for the product value (if insured); in this case, the product shall be made available to the customer for returns, simultaneously voiding the rescission request.

    Elegant Confezioni Srl is not liable for product damages or theft/loss in any way.

    Upon arrival at the Elegant Confezioni Srl warehouse, the product will be inspected to evaluate any damages or tampering not due to transport. Should the product(s) labels and/or stickers (both those sewn on the product and those usually removed before product(s) use), the packaging and/or original package (including any additional accessory packaging material) be ruined, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall withhold a percentage from the reimbursement due not over 10% of the product value as contribution for repairs.

    Except for shipping fees, taxes and any customs duties incurred to deliver purchased products and repair expenses withheld as contribution to repair confirmed damages to original packaging, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall reimburse the customer the amount already paid to purchase the product as quickly as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the date of receipt at the Elegant Confezioni Srl warehouse. For credit card payment, by refund procedure of the amount charged to the credit card or via wire transfer. In the latter case, the customer must promptly provide bank details for the refund (ABI – CAB – IBAN – Current account number and invoiced customer’s bank).

    Should the product address indicated in the order form not match the individual who paid the amounts due for their purchase, in the event the right of rescission is exercised, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall reimburse the amounts to the individual who made the payment in any case.

    If the customer paid COD by bank cheque or cashier cheque, Elegant Confezioni Srl will reimburse the amount to the customer, net of any repair fees, via wire transfer, to the account indicated by the customer within the terms described above, both in the event the amounts were not yet collected by Elegant Confezioni Srl  and in the event amounts were already collected.

    The actual time required to refund or reimburse amounts paid to purchase products depends on the payment method used:

    • purchase with credit/debit card: refund time depends on the credit/debit card, normally within two account statements
    • purchase via wire transfer: the refund is credited on the current account that sent the wire transfer
    • purchase via PayPal: the PayPal account is refunded and immediately visible when Elegant Confezioni Srl accepts the return. Actual refund on the PayPal account finally depends on the credit card issuer, but this normally occurs within 30 days.

    The customer forfeits the possibility to exercise the right of rescission, for failure to meet of essential product integrity conditions (packaging and/or its content), in the event Com Elegant Confezioni Srl pany ascertains:

    • the even partial use of the product and any accessories:
    • the lack of original external and/or internal packaging;
    • missing supplementary product elements;
    • missing control label attached to the product or other disposable seals, if attached;
    • product damages due to causes other than transport.

    In these cases, the products will remain in deposit at the Elegant Confezioni Srl warehouse, available for customer pick up at his/her expense and liability.


    All product sold through the site are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for apparent defects, for 12 months in the event the customer is a professional (and, as such, VAT number holder) and 24 months in the event the customer is a consumer, as set by Legislative Decree nr. 206/2005.

    The manufacturer’s warranty is provided in the manner prescribed by law. The warranty applies to the product that has an apparent defect, provided the product is correctly used, as per its intended use and that foreseen in the enclosed documentation. In the event of apparent defect, Elegant Confezioni Srl shall restore product conformity through repairs/replacement or reduce the price or cancel the contract without charging the customer. If, following a Elegant Confezioni Srl inspection, the fault is not an apparent defect, the customer shall be charged any inspection and repair costs, where applicable, as well as transport costs if sustained by Elegant Confezioni Srl.

    In the event of return due to factory or shipping defect, shipping costs will only be sustained by Elegant Confezioni Srl if our suitably indicated reference carrier is used for this purpose.

    Should, for any reason, Elegant Confezioni Srl not be able to return a product under warranty to the customer (repaired or replaced), at its discretion is may refund the amount paid taking into account product use or replace it with a product with the same or superior characteristics.

    Defective product repair or replacement time exclusively depend on the manufacturer’s policies and no claims can be filed against Elegant Confezioni Srl for any repair or replacement delays.

    In the event the warranty requires the product to be returned, it must be returned by the customer in its original packaging, complete with all its parts (including packaging, accessory packaging material and any documentation and accessories). In order to limit damages to the original packaging, Elegant Confezioni Srl recommends you insert in in the box set with the initial shipment.


    See our privacy policy page for further information


    Any customer claim must be Addressed to:

    • Elegant Confezioni Srl – Servizio Clienti
      Via Moscatelli 41, 60011, Arcevia (An) Italia

    Applicable law

    These General Conditions are exclusively regulated by Italian Law.


    For all intents and purposes of Italian Civil Code articles 1341 and 1342, I expressly consent to the provisions in previous articles.


    Shipments may only concern the locations and nations foreseen within the site. For purchase requests from countries not listed upon purchase, please send an e-mail to Customer Care (


    Shipments to non European Community member countries are subject to customs duties, import and local taxes based on the laws in force in the country of residence. There are two types of shipments for these countries: DDP (delivered duty paid), or DDU (delivered duty unpaid).

    All shipments to non EEC member countries are currently DDU: the amount due by the customer at check-out not includes duties and other taxes such as VAT.

    VAT does not apply to customers who reside in non European Community countries.


    Orders will be filled as quickly as possible as soon as payment is authorised and items are available. Orders are processed from Monday to Friday during the following hours: 9.00-17.30. Orders placed during the weekend will be processed starting on the following Monday morning. Lastly, orders placed on a holiday will be processed on the next business day.

    Delivery times may vary according to the time the order is received.

    • Italy: delivery is foreseen within 24-48 hours of shipment.
    • Europe: delivery is foreseen within 3-5 business days.
    • United States, Canada, Japan: delivery is foreseen within 3-5 business days.
    • Rest of the world: delivery is foreseen within 3-7 business days according to the country of destination
    • RUSSIA: the customs authorities at this destination have recently set special restrictions on imports and, consequently, all shipments to private citizens are subject to extraordinary inspection procedures reflected in a higher number of customs holdings and prolonged delivery times. Goods are generally delivered within 30 days of the shipping date.

    The indicated times refer to shipments to major cities. Any delivery delays must be promptly communicated to our Customer Service. The customer is requested to provide a valid address for delivery of the goods during delivery hours.

    In any case, indicated times are approximate: the order confirmation e-mail will include a more precise estimate of delivery times according to the country of destination.

    Shipping costs are calculated at check-out according to the value of the purchase, the size of the package and country of destination. Promotional costs or costs tied to purchase incentive initiatives may sometimes be applied to shipping costs: for further information on these rates, please refer to the relevant promotional banners and their enclosed communications.

    Free express shipping is offered throughout the world for purchases over a certain amount that guarantees higher traceability and the faster delivery of the purchased products.


    When shipped, the consumer, if he requests, will receive an informative e-mail specifying the shipping identification number that can be monitored on the selected carrier’s site.

  • Exercising the right of rescission for our customer is extremely simple: simply request a unique RMA code (Return Merchandise Authorization) from our Customer Service within 14 days of receiving the shipment containing the items to be returned.

    To request a RMA code send us an email with:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Order number
    • Item to return
    • Motivation
    • Message

    or send a message through the form in the Returns page

    After you receive your RMA code, you must return goods writing in the return label RMA code.